Huntington Beach Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Feiz & Associates has been providing the weight loss surgery Huntington Beach area patients often obtain for quite some time. Led by board certified bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., this outstanding team of medical professionals has helped countless people from throughout Southern California and all over the nation to finally defeat their severe obesity once and for all.

19671 Beach Blvd. Ste. 321, 92648

Dr. Feiz strongly believes that it’s important for the public to understand just why it is that the statistics on defeating obesity have been so poor for as long as anyone has been studying the matter. The fact is that people with weight problems typically produce more hormones that can actually make any of us feel hungry, even when we might know for a fact that we’ve had enough to eat. Worse, when we lose weight, the body “thinks” that starvation is a possibility and produces even more hormones. It’s no wonder, then, that achieving and then maintaining a major weight loss is something few of us are able to achieve in the long term on our own. Procedures like a sleeve gastrectomy, however, make it unpleasant to overeat while also addressing the urge that make us want to eat too much in the first place,

Dr. Feiz is the bariatric surgeon Huntington Beach patients have credited for helping them to achieve heathier, happier lives. To get started, call the number above or reach out via our contact page..

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