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Lap Band Surgery Beverly Hills


We have two office locations for consultations regarding Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills. Our convenient locations have given many people the information they needed to decide if the lap band procedure was right for them. Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills is a popular procedure, and Dr. Feiz is a premier choice for this surgery. Those considering Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills go to Dr. Feiz for his expertise and experience.

Let’s face it – there is a lot of misinformation out there in the public domain about weight loss. For too long, people with genuine weight issues have been hoodwinked into spending inordinate sums of money on completely ineffective products like weight loss pills and scientifically unsound dieting fads. In effect, the weight loss industry has been commandeered by the scam artists. It is time for the true professionals to offer a better way forward for average Americans dedicated to real self-improvement. For anyone looking for the Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills, the most authoritative source is Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS.

Ever since Dr. Feiz started offering the Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills, he has revolutionized the weight loss process. There are many people who are uncomfortable with the idea of gastric bypass surgery, a relatively more invasive procedure that is permanent. For such people, the Lap Band represents a more flexible and ultimately reversible option.

What is the Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills exactly? Well, in essence a small plastic band is fitted around the upper stomach. This re-shapes the stomach into an hour glass, with the upper portion (the pouch) larger than the lower portion. The narrowing at the bottom of the pouch allows the upper portion to empty slowly (just like sand through an hour glass), and this translates into more quickly achieving a sensation of feeling full. In other words, the Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills helps you eat less (and thus lose weight) by making you actually feel like eating less.

The Lap Band is less invasive than gastric bypass surgery because there are no incisions to, nor any repositioning of, the intestines. In addition, the Lap Band in Beverly Hills procedure is performed laparoscopically, meaning all the cuts are extremely small (less than 1 cm). This allows for minimal scarring. The Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills is also completely adjustable. By taking saline out of the band (or injecting more in), the band can expand or contract around the pouch, regulating your food intake.
The Lap Band surgery in Beverly Hills is not for everyone. You are encouraged to set an appointment for a comprehensive physical and psychological evaluation with the office of Dr. Feiz & Associates. Together, we can appraise your current situation and plan the most effective, most comfortable strategy for weight loss.

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