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Patients seeking surgery for Lap Band in Beverly Hills need look no further than Dr Feiz & Associates.Led by the well-respected Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, ,this renowned Weight Loss Center is one of the top locations for Lap Band in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills residents who are unhappy with their weight are welcome to visit Dr. Feiz & Associates for a thorough health and psychological evaluation. This evaluation will help determine which patients are good candidates for Lap Band in our Beverly Hills office. Lap Band surgery is not right for everyone, although it can produce incredible weight loss results for patients who qualify for the procedure.

How does lap band surgery work?

What is the Lap Band surgery exactly? Well, in essence a small plastic band is fitted around the upper stomach. This re-shapes the stomach into an hour glass, with the upper portion (the pouch) larger than the lower portion. The narrowing at the bottom of the pouch allows the upper portion to empty slowly (just like sand through an hour glass), and this translates into more quickly achieving a sensation of feeling full. In other words, the Lap Band surgery helps you eat less (and thus lose weight) by making you actually feel like eating less.

Patients who have their Lap Band in Beverly Hills performed at Dr. Feiz & Associates are in the hands of a talented, caring team of physicians. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS attended top medical schools around the country to specialize in Bariatric surgery, and has since performed the world’s most cosmetic Lap Band surgeries. He specializes in the minimally invasive Lap Band surgery in his Beverly Hills practice because it gives patients maximum weight loss results with minimal scarring and interference in daily life.

Tyneda Lap Band Surgery

Tyneda has lap band surgery with Dr. Feiz in 2010 and has lost over 115 Lbs.

Our Beverly Hills patients love the results they have achieved with the Lap Band, as well as the flexibility the Lap Band allows. Since the Lap Band is removable and adjustable, it is a convenient, less invasive alternative to gastric Bypass surgery, which permanently alters the digestive system and is a more invasive surgery.

Lap band surgery details

There are several key features that make the Lap-Band an attractive surgical technique for weight loss:

  • Laparoscopic placement
  • No division or anastomosis of stomach or bowel
  • It is removable
  • Adjustable

The first two of the features above probably reduce the risk of surgery, which is especially important when operating on patients who suffer from morbid obesity. The fact that there is no cutting or repositioning of any intestine brings the risk of leak or obstruction to very low levels (not impossible, as outlined in the risks section below). The fact that the procedure is almost always done laparoscopically may allow decreased stress on the vital organs (heart, lungs, etc.) and may allow quicker recovery in comparison to open procedures.

Watch another demonstration of Lap Band procedure

Lap band surgery risks

Risks specific to Lap-Band surgery include:

  • Band Slippage
  • Band Erosion
  • Band and/or PortSite Infection/Flipping

Placement of a Lap-Band® is a fairly straightforward procedure that is accomplished by placing the Band, which is a belt-like section of plastic, around the upper stomach. This converts the stomach, in essence, into an hourglass. However unlike an hourglass, the upper portion and the lower portion of the stomach are not the same size. The upper portion is much smaller and is called the pouch. Part of the stomach is then used to form a tunnel or “Belt Loops” around the Band to help prevent the band from slipping down to the middle of the stomach.

The band is connected to the port, which is placed outside the abdominal mussels but under the skin and fat so that it is not visible. The band is adjusted and restricts the amount of SOLID food that can be consumed before one feels full.

The adjustment is accomplished by placing a special needle into the port (which is buried under the skin) to increase or decrease the amount of saline fluid contained in the balloon. The Band is pictured in its normal position on the upper stomach at right.

Lap Band surgery is a revolutionary tool in fighting against the obesity epidemic in America. Unreliable results via weight loss pills and dieting fads has left many people desperate for assistance in overcoming their weight issues. Fortunately, the popularization and development of the Lap Band procedure has given many people a viable and reliable option in losing the weight they never thought they could.

A Lap Band operation is sharply contrasted to the highly invasive operation that is required in a gastric bypass surgery. Though the principle is similar in both operations, gastric bypass surgery is usually more risky and always irreversible. In the most common form of the gastric bypass, the stomach is completely cut and separated into a small and larger pouch. The small intestine is then severed and rerouted to connect to the small stomach pouch. In comparison, the Lap Band procedure requires no permanent cutting into the stomach or intestines. An adjustable plastic band is merely fitted over the upper stomach and is tightened to control the amount of food that can pass into the larger stomach cavity below it. The Lap Band is completely adjustable via saline injections that fill the inner surface lining of the band. The amount of fluid in the lining alters the tightness and subsequent food flow from the small upper portion of the stomach into the lower portion. This results in weight loss via fullness with less food intake.

The minimal scarring and dependable results of the Lap Band procedure have designated it as a highly effective tool in the fight against obesity. It should be considered as a viable option for those who are not comfortable with a full gastric bypass. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Feiz today to find out if you’re a candidate for the revolutionary Lap Band procedure.

Realize Band Surgery Beverly Hills

The Realize Band surgery is a popular alternative to gastric bypass surgery. For morbidly obese Beverly Hills individuals, the Realize Band surgery can deliver the dramatic weight loss results you desire without permanently altering the size or shape of your stomach. If you live in Beverly Hills and have tried countless diets and exercise programs with little or no success, the Realize Band surgery might be a good alternative. The Realize Band surgery not only enables morbidly obese Beverly Hills patients to regain a slim figure, it also resolves many weight-related health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint issues. Beverly Hills residents interested in learning more about Realize Band surgery are invited to the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center to learn more about the procedure and to receive a thorough evaluation to find our if they are an ideal candidate.

Unlike gastric bypass surgery, which permanently reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes a part of the intestine to the newly created pouch, Realize Band surgery is both adjustable and removable. Beverly Hills patients who are interested in Realize Band surgery should know that the procedure is performed laparoscopically for minimal scarring. The Realize Band fits around the stomach to create an hourglass shape that drastically limit’s the amount of food that can enter the stomach at one time. Consequently, our Beverly Hills patients find that they can no longer eat huge meals in one sitting, and feel full for much longer. Steady weight loss results, along with health benefits that improve the quality of life for our Beverly Hills patients.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Band

The laparoscopic adjustable band, also known as the lap band, is an increasingly popular option for obese patients seeking weight loss surgery. The laparoscopic adjustable band consists of placing a belt-like plastic apparatus around the stomach, creating an hourglass shape with a smaller upper portion. Once the laparoscopic adjustable band is in place, it limits the amount of food that can be consumed in one sitting dramatically since the size of the upper ‘hourglass’ portion of the stomach is very small. This small upper portion created by the laparoscopic adjustable band is referred to as the ‘pouch,’ which then empties slowly into the lower portion of the stomach, creating a lasting feeling of fullness for the patient. Another benefit of the laparoscopic adjustable band surgery is that, unlike full gastric bypass, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient. If a patient is losing too much weight too fast, or is not losing enough weight, the laparoscopic adjustable band has a mechanism that allows the constriction of the stomach to be loosened or tightened.

Thanks to the minimally-invasive nature of laparoscopic adjustable band surgery, most of our Los Angeles patients have little to no scarring from the procedure, and enjoy a speedy path to recovery as well. Laparoscopic adjustable band surgery can lead to dramatic weight loss results without creating a permanent division in the stomach as with more invasive surgical weight loss procedures. Once the final goal in weight loss is achieved, the laparoscopic adjustable band can be permanently removed if the patient has regained full control over their eating and exercise habits, as well as portion control.

The following contents on the Lap Band were written by third parties for general educational information on Lap Band Surgery. Dr. Feiz and associates were not involved in the writing or production of these weight loss procedure contents. To get more information on Lap Band Surgery or weight loss surgery options other than a Lap Band, please contact our office and set up a Lap Band consultation or participate in a FREE Lap Band seminar near you.

There are millions of overweight individuals who suffer from weight related diseases, but struggle to get rid of their excess weight, adopting various weight loss techniques and weight loss programs in the process. However for those who have struggled with their weight issues to no avail, Lap Band surgery is the most viable option. Dr. Feiz and Associates have successfully performed the Lap Band Beverly Hills on hundreds of patients and have the expertise to give patients the best care possible. The success rate of the Lap Band Beverly Hills procedure is largely due to the fact that Dr. Feiz takes an all-encompassing care approach to his Lap Band Beverly Hills procedures.

With the Lap Band Beverly Hills patients can expect maximum weight loss results. This procedure has become immensely popular as it is minimally invasive and there is minimal scarring. Patients can recover much faster when compared to other procedures, such as the gastric bypass, and there is little or no interference in their daily lives.

The Lap Band is also adjustable, giving patients an added advantage. The specialists at Dr. Feiz’s clinic have years of experience and are committed to patient success. The unyielding dedication to creating positive life change for patients, coupled with an all encompassing approach to patient care and recovery has led to consistently successful results.

Excessive weight is problematic not just on a cosmetic level, but also for a person’s overall health. Obesity can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and other serious health issues. Many of the patients who inquire about a Lap Band in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feiz & Associates have already tried a slew of weight loss remedies, some more scientifically sound than others. These people trust in the results of the Lap Band in Beverly Hills because they know that Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and his medical team are highly-trained professionals who are genuine experts in their field.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, Dr. Feiz and his team make use of the latest, cutting edge technology to conduct the Lap Band in Beverly Hills procedure. The modern facilities, combined with years of experience in bariatric surgery, represent the pinnacle of the weight loss industry. Unlike companies interested in pawning off ineffective weight loss pills or useless diet plans, Dr. Feiz & Associates have developed a reputation for ethical responsibility and satisfactory results.

The process for a Lap Band in Beverly Hills begins with an initial evaluation, in which you undergo a thorough physical and psychological examination to determine your candidacy for the procedure. The Lap Band in Beverly Hills is not appropriate for everyone, and the professionals at Dr. Feiz & Associates are not prepared to put profit above the well-being of the people who come to them and entrust them with their health. If another procedure is better suited to you, they will explain the comparative benefits and risk.

The major appeal of the Lap Band in Beverly Hills is its relatively noninvasive nature. Indeed, there is very little scarring after the procedure. Since the Lap Band can be adjusted and even removed entirely, patients enjoy a measure of flexibility they won’t find in more stressful methods like gastric bypass surgery, where the structure of the stomach is altered permanently.

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